Field Service

Bartłomiej Semańczyk, developer.

Kesja superson 👩🏻‍🦰, Security Manager.

Terms and Conditions


Bartłomiej Semańczyk 31-452 Kraków, Poland contact email:


Once the app is downloaded from the App Store you agree that the app remains the property of the above Owner. At any time of your usage the app belongs to the Owner.


Field Service App may be used by one user at time. You don’t have to register any account to fully use potential of an application. All services provided within an app are available all the time while using an app.


All data is safe, because all the content is permanently backed up to your own iCloud account.


All the content created within an app belongs to you and no other have access to your sensitive data. Once you delete your own content it is not backed up anywhere else. it is your responsibility to maintain your data as long as you need it.


To keep your data safe always remember to have iCloud account turned on. It is your responsibility to manage app access to your space in your iCloud account.


At any time you can remove all the content created using Field Service App. Once deletion is done and all deletion changes are synced with your iCloud account all the data is lost and cannot be accesses at any time by anyone.

External resources

Owner of the app has full control over what is presented in the app by other users to everyone. Owner is fully responsible for such content and availability. External resources are: - Comments under posts created by the Owner. Comments of other users before publishing to everyone else are reviewed by the Owner.


Owner of Field Service App allows users to donate an app using built-in system of In-App purchases. Owner allow every user of the app to fully access its features. It is user’s decision to agree to donate the Owner of the app using single purchase or subscription.